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04.15.05: Chpt 1 of my new Stargate fic, Soul Searching is up.

04.15.05: Added S/D postcards to send to TPTB (actually, I just linked to them. They've been there for awhile). Add to the Signs You've Watched Too Much Stargate and links

04.14.05: Added the first answer to the Flag Inspired Naughtiness Fic Challenge.

04.08.05: I've just added a Captions/Photo Manips section and updated the links.
Added to both the Signs You've Watched Too Much Stargate and Signs You're an S/D'er lists. The Outstanding S/D Site awards now have new graphics.
Some time ago I also added 6 new SDR banners but did not add it to the update list.

04.06.05:I've revised the fic At Night and it has become At Night, Before Dawn.

12.05.04: Music videos are once again available for download on the site. As soon as I can get the codecs to work, I'll have the newer videos available in RM format.

11.26.04: New Sam/Daniel video, Fall Into Me added to Music Vids.

9.14.04: New Sam/Daniel video, Want, added to Music Vids.

2.27.04: Two chapters (10 & 11) have been added to the Stargate/Star Wars Episode 2 crossover story, What a Movie.

2.19.04: I've changed the site look and format. The Stargate site now has a different look from the personal site. I've also added two new S/D wallpapers.

2.10.04: New fic, She's Happy Now and new S/D video, All of Me (My Immortal).

1.24.04: The site is currently undergoing rennovations, so you may encounter missing files or pages with errors. If you do, please contact me so that I can be sure to fix them. I also added new screen caps from Forever in a Day.

1.10.04: New fan fic: Complications of Goodnight

12.31.03: New music video: Last Beautiful Girl.

11.23.03: New fan fics: Memories in a Flame, Sexy, and Imposter?

9.24.03: I bid on some new items. Also added an 'advertisement' for Sam/Daniel colored glasses. This auction parody is listed on Ebay right now and will end on 9.29.03. Added pics from the TAP conference in Nashville, TN. Finally added info about my senior project.

9.23.03: New SD fic, Je t'aime. After I wrote it, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to put it online, but I did anyway. So go read it and let me know if it's aweful.

9.17.03: New poem, Nothing, added. I'm still not sure whether it's meaningful or utter nonsense.

8.31.03: This is not necessarily a site update per se, but I created a group on Yahoo for exchanging Sam and Daniel video clips as well as helping people who don't know how to make videos but want to. The group address is
I also fixed a problem with the left-hand navigation panel not showing up for the Stargate section.

8.28.03: New SG1 fic, Confessions and Fantasies.

8.26.03: Another part SG1 fic, Don't Leave Me Again, was posted. This is a continuation to the series which I have titled Return to Me.

8.21.03: I won two awards for some of my desktops. These were added to the awards section. New links were added.

8.18.03: Added new SD video Taking Over Me to the videos section.

8.13.03: Added Part 9 to the What a Movie series.

8.2.03: Added new SD moments and captures. Captures for Fallen and Fragile Balance. Moments from Fragile Balance.

7.29.03: I've named my Star Wars/Stargate crossover fic What a Movie. Parts 5, 6, 7, and 8 were added. Two SG-1 drabbles written previously were added to the fan fiction page.

7.16.03: More 'Signs You Watch Too Much Stargate' and 'Signs You're an S/D'er' were added. Added Sam/Daniel sims.

7.15.03: New Stargate fan fic called At Night. It's a missing scene between Sam & Daniel during the season 7 episode Revisions.

6.19.03: Added my notes and some example programs from my Computer Engineering Technology classes.

6.16.03: I've added Sam/Daniel moments from the season 7 premiere, Fallen. These include 2 videos clips from the episode. I've also added a new S/D desktop to the desktops section. SDR banners were added.

6.15.03: I've added an awards section. This displays the awards I've received. I've also added a section to give awards. The only award I offer now is the Outstanding Sam & Daniel site award. There is also a page where the award winners will be listed.

6.13.03: Fixed the S/D screen captures. They should no longer show up as "page not found", because they're actually uploaded now.

6.2.03: Added new fan fic, Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of a Stargate SG-1 / Star Wars: Episode 2 crossover.

5.30.03: Added new fan fic, "Captive" and "No Escape".

5.2.03:Uploaded the new site format. Added The Warrior to the Sam & Daniel screen captures.

3.14.03: I've upgraded and added to the store.


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